Full Credits

Designed by

Yacine Salmi
Stefan Hell

Beautiful soundscape by

Filippo Beck Peccoz

Additional art

Alina Aurbach
Max Wandinger

Community and PR

Christopher Wulf
Felix Kramer

Special thanks to these developers who spent countless hours giving us feedback:

Alexander Zacherl
Johannes Roth
Adriaan De Jongh
Ron Carmel
Kepa Auwae
Miles Tilmann

Thank you for the translations:

Markus Hell
Dounia Loudiyi
Jamil Salmi
Nicola Sturari
Alexander Zacherl
Keyword Studios
Adel Khazri
Bruno Marotta
Nicolae Berbece

Many thanks to our families for their incredible support,
to all our play testers
and to all those who gave feedback along the way.

Many thanks to all our testers:

Paul Armstrong
Philipp Dufter
Daniel Heigermoser
Georg Huber
Martin Kronbichler
Corinna Mayer
Korbinian Schuhbeck


Arthur Shlain


We are a small development team in Munich, consisting of Stefan Hell and Yacine Salmi. Code, design and art responsibilities are shared. Audio is handled by our talented associate composer Filippo Beck Peccoz.

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